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netclass - Explanatory Videos & FAQ

Here you can get support for any issues that might arise during your netclass sessions.

Explanatory videos

1. Introduction to netclass

In this video we give you a first overview of the user interface of netclass.

2. Register & login

Instructions for registration and login at netclass you will find here.

3. Plan lessons

Learn about the timetable function and how to plan a virtual lesson.

4. Adding teaching materials

We show you how to upload your teaching materials for an online session with netclass and how to add them to your lesson.

5. Features during the lesson

In this video we explain exactly how to start an online lesson with your students and which features you have during your lesson.

6. Ending a lesson

Here we show you how to end an online lesson and how the students are able to download your „virtual blackboard“ in transcript form.

7. Account settings

Instructions for the account settings


Technical requirements for the use of netclass

1. With which tools can I use netclass?

netclass is a cloud application. This allows you and your students to access the software from any standard workstation (computer, laptop & tablet). A microphone should also be available or integrated into the device used.

2. What Internet requirements do I need?

The device used (by you and your students) should be able to connect to the Internet. This works via WLAN / WIFI. However, for a stable connection we recommend a LAN / cable connection.

3. Do I or even a student have to install anything before using it?

No. netclass is a cloud and web-based application, which means that all you need is any browser.

4. Which browsers are recommended for the best experience?

You can use any browser. However, we recommend using the browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. You should use the latest version of your browser.

5. Are there any browser settings that should be made to ensure that the lesson runs smoothly?

In the browser settings you must allow the browser to access your microphone. How to make these settings and changes in the different browsers can be found here:

6. Can a lesson be started even if I or my students do not have a camera?

Yes, it can. The presence of a camera is not a prerequisite for using netclass.

7. Can I talk to my students during class?

All you need is a microphone. Laptops and tablets already have a built-in microphone, but you can also use an external microphone. You can give your students permission to speak by clicking the icon next to their name in the participant list. All the student needs to do is accept the permission and turn on their microphone by clicking the microphone icon in the upper right corner.

8. Can I upload my teaching materials to use them in an lesson with my students?

Yes, you can. However, these documents must be in PDF format. You can also insert images. These must be in the following formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP or GIF.

9. Is my data safe and where is it stored?

Your data is located in a German cloud. They are with a German internet service provider, 1&1 IONOS SE and are therefore subject to German law and German data protection regulations.

Technical difficulties and solutions during a lesson

1. Why can’t I establish a connection to my students / to my student?

2. Possible solutions

  • Check your Internet connection
  • Close your browser and restart it or change to another browser and check the settings

3. Audio problems occur during my lesson. What can I do?

If you have any problems with audio transmission, you can turn off your microphone using the microphone button in the upper right corner of your virtual classroom and then turn it on again.

If problems still occur after that, restarting the browser or switching to another browser can help.

4. Can I activate the microphone for all students at the touch of a button?

Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment, but we are investigating a possible solution.

5. How can I unlock the microphone for my students?

You can deactivate the microphone for students by clicking on the icon next to the student name in the list of participants.

The student’s microphone is activated

The student’s microphone is not activated

The student’s microphone is switched off

The student’s microphone is switched on

6. During the lesson documents are zoomed in and out without me doing anything. Why is that?

The zoom function is enabled for every participant in the lesson and affects the view of all participants. You can communicate before the lesson starts, that zooming in and out is reserved for the teacher only. We are already working on a solution.

7. How do I create a text field? And how can I enlarge it?


You create the text field on your virtual blackboard using the text tool.


You can then adjust the size via the bottom right corner of the text field.


You can edit the text field afterwards using the selection tool.

General question of netclass

1. What will netclass cost me after 31/07/2020?

We are currently working on a pricing model, so we cannot provide further information at this time.

2. I teach first grade students, can I use netclass for students that young?

Our virtual classroom is also intended for young students, as you as the teacher are primarily responsible for the lessons. For open questions, a symbol, e.g. a „+“, can be agreed in advance so that the students can draw attention to themselves in the chat. With the microphone button you can unlock the microphone for the students. In the future, a signalling function will be integrated.

A quick tip: Arrange a trial lesson with the parents so that they can understand how netclass works and support their child in the lesson at the beginning.

3. My students have no access to a device that can be used for netclass. What can we do?

We want to provide education for all students, so on request we can provide you with information on where you can rent or buy hardware at a reasonable price. Please understand that netclass cannot guarantee the availability of this hardware.

4. Where can I find out informations about your data protection, your TOM´s and GDPR?

You will find detailed information on data protection in our data protection declaration. You can also download the „Technical and Organisational Measures (TOM’s)“ and the „General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)“.

5. My question has not been answered yet. Where can I get further information and tips on how to use netclass?

If your question has not been answered in the FAQ’s, please have a look at the explanatory videos. Our support team is also at your disposal.